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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

About the e-advice questions

When you make a request for email advice, we need to gather some personal information to help us give you the right advice for your situation.

Your housing situation?

Your rights and options will be very different depending on the type of housing you have. If you're not sure which category you fit into, choose 'other' and give us as much information as you can when you write your question

If you rent your home from a private landlord or agent, please tell us which of these options best describes you

The rights of private tenants often depend on whether or not they have a current, valid tenancy agreement.  Without a proper tenancy agreement your landlord is allowed to take steps to end your tenancy even if you've done nothing wrong. When you have a tenancy agreement, the landlord will have to show that you've broken the agreement in some serious way in order to evict you. 

Which of these applies to your tenancy deposit?

This helps us work out if your landlord has protected your deposit or not.  If you rent privately and paid a deposit after 1 April 2013, the law says that your landlord must protect this money in an approved scheme. 

Your financial situation

This helps us work out whether or not you're likely to be entitled to any help with your rent or mortgage.  

When did you move into your home?

Knowing how long you've lived in your home can help us work out what your rights are. 

Tell us what you need help with

This box gives you the space to write your question to us. Remember to include:

  • as much information as possible about your problem and your current housing situation and
  • details of your income, if you're asking about housing benefit.


We need to know your email address so that we can send a reply to your question. If you share an email address or computer, other people may see the reply. If you don't want this to happen, then you can set up a free personal email address with a web-based provider, such as or

Mobile phone number

You do not have to provide a mobile phone number. But, if you give us your mobile phone number, we can call you if we need to find out more information.


If we know your name, then we can use this in our reply. However, you don't have to give us your name. You could leave this section blank or make up a name if you prefer.


It's helpful to know your age, because the law is often different depending on how old you are. If we know your age, we can give you a clearer idea of your rights and options. If we need to give you information on other organisations that can help you, such as advice centres and housing projects, knowing your age will help us find appropriate places for you to contact.

Personal Status

Your personal status tells us if you are married or single or if you have children. It is helpful to know this because the law is different depending on your status. If we know your status we can give you a better idea of your rights and options. We can also give you appropriate information, such as advice centres and housing projects, if we know your status.


We have to provide our funders with information to show that people from across Northern Ireland are using this service. 


We need to know where you live, to help us to give you information on local organisations that may be able to help you further.


It is helpful to know if you consider yourself disabled as your rights may be different because of this. If you are happy to do so, please include details of your disability in your question.

Ethnic Minority

It is helpful to know if you consider yourself part of an ethnic minority background, so that we can refer you to a relevant organisation if appropriate.


Housing Rights tries to continually improve our services through feedback. It is very helpful to us if we can contact you about the service you received.