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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Reasons for evicting social tenants

Housing associations and the Housing Executive can end a tenancy without going to court if they suspect that a property has been abandoned, but the correct procedure has to be followed.  If you're worried about eviction you should speak to someone urgently.  Advisers at Housing Rights may be able to help you stay in your home. 

Reasons for eviction

The Housing Executive or housing association needs to have a reason to start eviction proceedings.  This could happen if you've broken your tenancy agreement or if your home is due to be demolished. Your landlord might try to evict you if

  • you haven't paid your rent
  • you don't keep the property in a good condition
  • they believe you, a member of your household, or a visitor to your property has been carrying out anti-social behaviour in the area
  • you didn't tell the truth on your housing application form
  • your home is scheduled to be demolised or rebuilt
  • your home is needed for someone who has special needs and noone in your household has special needs.

Your landlord must follow the correct process to evict you.  The first step in this legal process is to send you a Notice Seeking Possession.  If you receive this notice, call Housing Rights for help.  We may be able to help stop the court case or help you when you go to court.