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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Complaining about NIHE repairs

You can complain if 

  • the Housing Executive refuses to carry out repairs it is responsible for, or
  • you are unhappy with the standard of work they've carried out

Making a complaint

Talk to your local office first. 

Explain why you are complaining. Send pictures or videos if these help to show the problem. Keep a note of who you spoke to and what they said. 

Use the formal complaints process if talking to your local office does not solve the problem.  

Withholding rent while waiting for repairs

You have to pay rent for your tenancy. You should not stop paying rent to try to force the Housing Executive to do work in your home. You can be evicted if you stop paying rent.

These schemes may help if you're having problems with repairs

You can only use these schemes with certain types of repairs.

Contact our helpline if you're having problems getting repairs in your tenancy.