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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Getting repairs carried out

Call the Housing Executive repairs line on 03448 920 901 to report a repair. You can also report your repair online.

Reporting a repair

When you report a repair, tell your landlord

  • what the problem is
  • where the problem is
  • if this is the first time you've reported this issue or if it has happened before
  • what impact the problem is having on your or your family
  • whether the problem is causing further damage to other parts of the property and
  • your contact details

Keep a note of

  • when you reported the problem
  • the name of any person you spoke to

Ask your landlord to tell you if the repair is

  • an emergency repair
  • an urgent repair
  • a routine repair

Emergency repairs

The Housing Executive should take steps to sort out an emergency repair within 24 hours of it being reported.  Your repair will be an emergency repair if there’s a serious risk of immediate injury or major damage to the property, such as

  • a gas leak
  • electrical fittings coming into contact with water
  • bare electrical wiring
  • overflowing sewage
  • broken external doors
  • burst pipes
  • burst storage tanks
  • electricity cuts
  • no heating in severely cold weather.

If it’s not safe for you to stay in the property while the repair work is being carried out, the Housing Executive should place you in temporary accommodation.

Urgent repairs

An urgent repair should be dealt with within 4 days of it being reported.  A repair is urgent if it needs to be dealt with quickly, but it’s not an emergency.  Examples of urgent repairs include:

  • problems with electrical fittings
  • problems with electrical heating systems
  • problems heating water
  • ball valve faults
  • leaking pipes
  • problems with your flue
  • blocked sewers or drains
  • leaking doors or windows
  • damaged roof tiles

Routine repairs

If your repair isn’t an emergency or urgent repair, it will be classed as routine.  Routine repairs should be dealt with within 4 weeks of their being reported.  A routine repair could be

  • cleaning or repairing gutters
  • refitting doors or windows
  • repairing plasterwork
  • repairing floors or floor tiles
  • repairs to internal doors or frames
  • repairing kitchen fittings and work surfaces

Right to repair scheme

Some urgent and emergency repairs fall under the right to repair scheme.  You may be entitled to compensation if the repair isn’t sorted out within a set timeframe.