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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Improvement schemes

The Housing Executive can plan an improvement scheme is homes in one area need to be upgraded. These schemes can be used for things like

  • installing new heating systems or changing from oil to gas
  • rewiring properties
  • replacing kitchens or bathrooms
  • installing new windows
  • replacing flat roofs with pitched roofs

You can contact your local office to find out if there are improvement schemes planned for your area. 

The Housing Executive will usually consult with tenants about planned schemes. They'll tell you what they plan to do and how long it is going to take.

Refusing improvements in your home

You can refuse to have certain improvements done in your home. But, you may not get another chance to have this work done. 

You can't refuse any work that the Housing Executive has to do to comply with the law and health and safety regulations.

Moving out for improvements

You can stay in your home during most improvement schemes. But, you may have to move out for certain types of work. 

The Housing Executive will find you somewhere else to stay. This is usually an empty Housing Executive property. 

Compensation for disruption during improvements

You will get compensation if you have to move out of your home during an improvement scheme. You normally get

  • £111 when you move out
  • £154 when you move back in

You should be able to move back into your own home within 12 weeks. You'll get extra compensation if you have to be away for longer than 12 weeks. You'll get £33 for every extra week. 

The most you'll get in compensation is £330. 

Contact our helpline if you think you should get more than this in compensation.

Compensation if you have to find your own temporary housing

You will get a special allowance if the Housing Executive can't find you suitable temporary housing and you have to find your own. 

The amount you’ll get depends on the size of your household

  • one to two people - £96 per week,
  • three to seven people - £114 per week,
  • eight or more people - £136 per week

Compensation if you didn’t move out of your home

You may get compensation if you stayed in your home during the work, but

  • the work lasted for more than six days and
  • the work caused serious disruptions

The amount of compensation you will get is

  • £128 for disruptions lasting between 6 and 14 days
  • an extra £33 for each extra week of disruption up to a max of 4 weeks

Damage caused during improvements

You may be able to get a redecoration allowance or compensation if your home was damaged during the work.