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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Repairs for Housing Executive tenants

Your tenancy agreement and tenant handbook should explain whether you or the Housing Executive is responsible for repairs.  Ask your local office for a copy of these documents if you can't find your copies.

You are responsible for fixing some things in your home. The Housing Executive has to fix others.

Your tenancy agreement should explain who deals with different issues.

Call the Housing Executive repairs line on 03448 920 901 to report a repair. You can also report your repair online. Keep a note of when you made your call and who you spoke to. Ask the Housing Executive if your repair is classed as an emergency, urgent or routine repair.

The Right to Repair Scheme was set up to make sure that Housing Executive tenants get emergency and urgent repairs carried out within an acceptable timeframe. The Self Help scheme allows tenants to arrange for a private contractor to carry out certain repairs which the Housing Executive will then pay for.

It’s important that your home is warm. If your home isn’t warm enough you could end up getting sick and you might start to see damp and mould appearing in your home.



The Housing Executive uses improvement schemes to update older houses and make sure your home is safe.

You can complain if the Housing Executive refuses to carry out repairs which it is responsible for or if you are unhappy with the standard of work carried out.