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Advice for landlords in Northern Ireland

This page is for landlords operating in Northern Ireland.  You can find advice for tenants elsewhere on our website. Private landlords in Northern Ireland can call Landlord Advice on 028 9024 5640 and choose option 1. 

One of your main responsibilities as a landlord is being available to your tenants when a problem arises. Even if you have appointed an agent to manage your property, you must give your name, telephone number and address to your tenants and they may contact you if they are dissatisfied with the service provided by the agent.

Communicating with tenants when you manage the property

Your tenants must be given your name, address and telephone number on their rent book and on their tenancy deposit protection information.

As with any other service provider, the people who use your service need to be able to contact you when something goes wrong. You may find it helpful to keep records of any contact you have with your tenants, particularly if you manage multiple properties.

Make sure that you have some sort of answering service, so your tenants can leave a message if you are unavailable. You should respond to any messages left as quickly as possible.

Communicating with tenants when an agent manages the property

Even if an agent is managing the property, your tenants must be given your name, address and telephone number on their rent book and on their tenancy deposit protection information. However, if you are paying an agent to manage the property, it is unlikely that your tenants will ever contact you. If they do, it may be because the agent has not been responding to their concerns.

If a tenant expresses dissatisfaction with the service provided by an agent, you should investigate their concerns. Follow up the conversation with the agent to see what action they are planning to take to resolve the situation. Most agents have a complaints procedure which you can use if you feel the service being provided to you is not up to standard.