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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Keep tenants informed

Advice for landlords in Northern Ireland

This page is for landlords operating in Northern Ireland.  You can find advice for tenants elsewhere on our website. Private landlords in Northern Ireland can call Landlord Advice on 028 9024 5640 and choose option 1. 

You need to tell your tenants about anything that's going to affect the home they're renting from you

Visiting the property to inspect or repair it

You must get the tenants' permission before you enter the property. 

The Private Tenancies (NI) Order 2006 says that tenants must let you in if

  • you are visiting to do an inspection or carry out repairs, and
  • you've given them reasonable notice of the visit, and
  • the visit is at a reasonable time of day.

Give the tenants at least 24 hours' notice of any inspections or repairs. Your tenancy agreement may say you must give more than 24 hours' notice. 

Contact Landlord Advice NI if your tenants refuse to let you in. You can apply for a court order allowing you to enter the property. 

Deciding to sell the property

Let your tenants know if you plan to sell the property. 

You can't cancel the tenancy agreement if you are selling. You can either

  • negotiate with the tenants to see if they'll agree to leave early, or
  • sell the property with a sitting tenancy which the new owner must manage, or
  • wait until the tenancy ends before you sell.

Falling behind on your landlord mortgage payments

Your tenants can lose their home if you stop paying your mortgage. 

The court will write to the occupants of any property that is being repossessed. 

Your tenants can ask to appear at any court hearing as an interested party. Their rights to stay in the property if it is repossessed depend on

  • whether they have a tenancy agreement or not, and
  • whether you had permission from your lender to have tenants in the property.

Keep your tenants informed about court proceedings.