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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Going into prison

Going into prison is stressful. You may be worried about what will happen to your job, your home, your belongings. There are people in the prison you can talk to about these issues.

Looking after your home

Make sure your home is secure. Ask a friend or family member to go round and check that doors and windows are closed and locked. 

You don't have to lose your home if you go to prison. A housing adviser at the prison can talk to you about your different options, including

Looking after the things you own while in prison

You may need to ask friends or family member to look after certain items while you're in prison, such as pets, vehicles or any items in your home that are very valuable. 

Check your insurance policy to see what it says about periods of imprisonment. It can be difficult to get insurance if you've been in prison for certain reasons. 

Cancelling your benefits claims

You can't usually get benefits while you're in prison. You may be able to keep getting the housing part of your universal credit claim. explains what happens to your benefits when you go into prison. It's your responsibility to tell the benefits agency that you're in prison.

There are benefits advisers at the property who can help you cancel your claims.