When everyone has a home

Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Getting help if you know when you're getting out of prison

The Housing Executive can start looking at your case in the 3 months up to the date you are getting out of prison.  There are different people in the prison who can help you sort out your housing on release, including

  • Housing Rights advisers based in the prison
  • NIACRO staff
  • your sentence manager
  • your probation officer.

Getting help from the Housing Executive

Ask the offender management unit in your prison to make an appointment for you with the housing adviser. 

The housing adviser will meet with you to find out more about your situation. They will do a report for the Housing Executive. This report will include information about

  • your housing before you went into prison
  • your options when you leave prison
  • any health or social issues you have which might make you vulnerable
  • your offending history. 

The housing adviser will send this report to the Housing Executive along with your application for housing. 

What happens after the Housing Executive gets your application?

The Housing Executive will check to see if you pass all four tests for homelessness

The Housing Executive has to find you somewhere to stay when you're released from prison if you pass all of these tests. 

The Housing Executive will tell you if you pass the tests or not. You may not find out their decision until a few weeks before you are due to leave prison. 

Talk to the housing adviser in prison if the Housing Executive decides you have failed one of the tests. They may be able to get the Housing Executive to change their decision

What happens if you are released unexpectedly?

Call the Housing Executive immediately on 03448 920 908 if you are released from a court hearing and you don't have anywhere to stay. 

Contact our helpline if the Housing Executive says that it cannot help you find somewhere to