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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Advice for young people

Housing advice for younger people
Housing advice for younger people

Want to talk to someone in person about your options?

If you feel like you've nowhere to go or you're finding it hard to cope with your housing situation, you can talk to one of our housing advisers who will try their best to help you out. 

You should normally go to the Housing Executive for help if you are worried about becoming homeless.  However, if you’re under 18 , Social Services may have to help you if you don’t have anywhere safe to live. 

If you have nowhere safe to live, go to your local Housing Executive office or to your local Health & Social Care Trust and ask for help.

It can be difficult living with your parents or guardians, particularly if you feel like you're old enough now to live on your own. However, living on your own is expensive and difficult. Work out if it's easier to resolve your problems at home or if you're ready to move out on your own.

The Housing Executive is responsible for helping people in Northern Ireland who are homeless. It is also a social landlord and manages and awards lots of social housing.

Having children or being pregnant means you have to think about your additional responsibilities when finding a home. It can be tough, however make sure you get your housing situation under control.

Money can get tight when you're living in your own home. You may be entitled to some financial assistance to help with rent and other costs.

Renting a home from a private landlord or through an agent could be an option, but there are potential problems which you should be aware of before taking on a tenancy. Know your rights and responsibilities.

There are lots of people out there you can talk to if something's bothering you. There are several organisations that help younger people.

Most students who aren’t living at home will either move into housing provided by their college or university or find somewhere to rent privately. Check the college’s website or prospectus for information on the housing options it provides.

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