When everyone has a home

Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Homeless 18-21 year olds

If you’re aged between 18 and 21 you should ask the Housing Executive for help if you are homeless.  They will investigate to see if you pass all four tests for homelessness. Make sure that you tell the the Housing Executive if you have spent any time in care as a young person  The Housing Executive will work with Social Services to try to help you.

18-21 care leavers

A care leaver is someone who has spent at least 13 weeks in care since their 14th birthday and was in care at some point aged 16 or 17. If you’re a care leaver, you should have a contact at Social Services.  This person will try to sort out your housing problems so you don’t become homeless. 

Preventing homelessness among care leavers

Talk to your social worker or personal adviser if you’re worried that you could become homeless.  They will try to sort out any problems in your current home to stop you becoming homeless. 

If it’s not possible for you to stay in your current accommodation, your social worker will work with the Housing Executive to find you suitable temporary housing while the Housing Executive checks if you pass the four tests for homelessness.

Care leavers who can’t return to previous accommodation

If it isn’t possible for you to safely stay in your former home the Housing Executive will check to see if you pass the four tests for homelessness.  Social services will work with the Housing Executive to find you temporary housing until the Housing Executive has made a decision on your case.

Social Services will also give the Housing Executive any relevant information about you that relates to the test for priority need.

What will happen next?

If the Housing Executive decides that you have passed all the tests, it has certain responsibilities to you If you haven’t passed all the tests, you can ask for this decision to be reviewed, but you may also have to think about renting privately or other housing options.

Speak to Housing Rights if you haven’t passed all the tests and you have nowhere safe to live. ;