When everyone has a home

Housing advice for Northern Ireland


Social services may be able to help with housing. They can only help with homelessness in certain cases, such as if you're under 18 or very vulnerable.

The courts may be able to help sort out some housing problems. Most court cases that deal with housing are civil matters, but criminal courts can also hear housing related cases as long as a criminal law is alleged to have been broken. 

If you can't afford to move out of your shared home immediately, you may be able to live in the property as separate households.

You could be a victim of direct discrimination, indirect discrimination or disability related discrimination. Sometimes you may be treated in a way that can be reasonably justified although it may seem unfair.

Asylum seekers can’t usually apply for social housing, and some other people can also be prevented from applying. If you, or someone who is part of your application has done certain things in the last 2 years, like been evicted, abandoned a property, owed rent or lied on an application form, you can be disqualified from applying.

Many people can sort out their debt problems by negotiating with creditors and trying to settle debts, often with free help from an advice agency. However, there are more formal ways to solve debt problems but these will have a big impact on your future ability to get a loan, mortgage or any other type of credit.

Divorce and separation are emotional subjects and it can be hard to keep a cool head when you're splitting up with someone. This infographic from the Money Advice Service will help you understand how your finances will change after your relationship ends.

You might not get help with housing if you have a history of "unacceptable behaviour". 

It is sometimes possible to get help with the housing costs for a home you aren’t living in, but this depends on your reasons for not staying there and on whether you plan to return to this home.

Letting a room in your home to a lodger can be a good way to make extra money. However, you need to make sure that you've got permission to do this.


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