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Housing advice for Northern Ireland


Court action can be expensive and you may have to pay fees. If you win your case the judge may order the other side to pay some or all of your costs. If you lose your case, you could end up having to pay for the other person's legal costs as well as your own fees and any damages the judge awards. You might be able to get financial help with the costs of legal action through Legal Aid.

Land & Property Services, (LPS) is the agency that collects rates. Your rate bill is based on your property's capital value and the council area you live in.

Whether you decide to rent privately or to apply for social housing you should be treated fairly regardless of your background.

When you apply for social housing you must choose the areas where you’d like to live. Most people can choose any areas they want but there are restrictions on some people.

The Housing Executive takes around 5 weeks to make a decision on your case. 

They'll send you a letter to let you know their decision. 

Find out how much money you'll have when you retire using this calculator from the Money Advice Service.

You can only get help with housing if your immigration status allows this. You might be able to get help if

  • you have applied to the EU Settlement Scheme

  • you have been given refugee status

  • you have indefinite leave to remain in the UK.

Universal Credit can help you to pay rent on 2 different homes, but only in certain cases. 

Speak to someone urgently if you’re being abused in your home.  Women’s Aid helps people affected by domestic abuse. It provides help, advice and counselling to men and women. In an emergency call 999 for help.

You can use the Small Claims Court to take legal action against someone if you are claiming less than £5000. You don't need a solicitor to go to Small Claims Court so the costs are much lower than the costs for other types of legal action.


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