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Housing advice for Northern Ireland


As long as you meet certain conditions, you can get a loan to help with the interest payments on your mortgage. But, you will have to wait 9 months from the date you first apply for Universal Credit to get this help and it won't be backdated. 

You will have to leave your asylum accommodation once your application for asylum has been dealt with. You will normally have to leave the property within 28 days of getting a decision on your case.

When a relationship fails you might not want to continue living together. Your rights to stay in your home often depend on whether you own or rent your home and what kind of tenant you are.

The Housing Executive has the authority to approve other grants, aside from the Disabled Facilities Grant and the Repair Grant. However, the Housing Executive will only approve the payment of these grants in very extreme circumstances. Grants will only be approved if the Housing Executive believes that there is an imminent and serious risk to the health or safety of the person living in the property.

Your rate bill is worked out by multiplying the capital value of your property by the total of the domestic regional rate and the domestic district rate. The regional rate is set by the NI Assembly each year. The district rates are set by each local council.

Equality and anti discrimination legislation applies to housing as well as other services. If you feel your housing provider has discriminated against you, get advice from Housing Rights or the Equality Commission.

You'll have to renew your application every year and if you don't do this, you'll be removed from the waiting list. It's important that you keep your details up to date. A change in your circumstances could mean you're entitled to more points. You can also lose points if your circumstances change.

A new system of Discretionary Support replaces the Social Fund from 28 November 2016.  As with the Social Fund, this new system will provide financial assistance to people who find themselves in urgent financial need because of a crisis or an emergency. 

You could be entitled to financial support to help you resolve a housing problem.  You could apply for a loan to help pay rent in advance if you’re renting privately or from a housing association or to help buy emergency supplies for your new home.

You will have to pay stamp duty if your new home costs more than £125,000. This calculator from the Money Advice Service will help you figure out how much stamp duty you'll have to pay.


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