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Housing advice for Northern Ireland


You will have to pay stamp duty if your new home costs more than £125,000. This calculator from the Money Advice Service will help you figure out how much stamp duty you'll have to pay.

A benefit cap was introduced in Northern Ireland in 2016. This means that your Housing Benefit can be reduced if your social security benefits each week total to an amount higher than the benefit cap. If your benefits are higher than the cap, your Housing Benefit award will be reduced to bring it back down to the cap level.However, people who have been affected by the benefit cap won't actually lose out on any money until 2020. This is because the government has made extra money available to help those people affected by the benefit cap.

The biggest change to Housing Benefit is the introduction of the bedroom tax. But there are other important changes too, which could mean you receive less help with your rent. This will be particularly relevant if you've moved from DLA to PIP or if you have a large family. 

If you don’t have somewhere to stay when you ask for asylum, you will be placed in “initial accommodation”. A company called SERCO manages this “initial accommodation”.

While you are in this accommodation, the Home Office will decide if you need housing support. If you do, you will be placed into different accommodation. This accommodation will be managed by the Northern Ireland Housing Executive.

Speak to someone urgently if you’re being abused in your home. Call Women's Aid for help and support on 0808 802 1414. Women’s Aid is the number one charity that helps people affected by domestic abuse. It provides help, advice and counselling to men and women. In an emergency call 999 for help.

Whether you own your home or rent it, you need to have contents insurance. Homeowners will also need to have buildings insurance and may have to have life assurance as part of the conditions of their mortgage. Insurance protects you against risk. In return for this cover, you pay a premium to the insurance company. You can usually pay your premiums in a lump sum or in monthly deduction

Make sure you know where your land ends and your neighbour’s begins. Disputes over boundaries can cause formerly friendly relationships to sour.

The Housing Executive will consider you in priority need if you are particularly vulnerable. If you are homeless, eligible for assistance and the Housing Executive thinks you may be in priority need you can get temporary accommodation while it completes the investigation.

Whether you decide to rent privately or to apply for social housing you should be treated fairly regardless of your background.


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