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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Brexit information for landlords and letting agents

Confusion surrounding the impacts of Brexit has grown significantly in recent months. If you are a landlord, you may be worried about renting to foreign tenants once the UK has left the EU.

Luckily, there will be little change to the housing rights of European nationals who reside in the UK. In fact, you could be breaking the law if you start to treat European and British or Irish people differently.

Getting advice on renting out property

Registered landlords and letting agents can get advice on renting out property from Landlord Advice. 

Landlords may be worried that they could get into trouble if they rent to people who don't have permission to live in the UK. This is because of a law that applies in England and which is often referred to as "right to rent checks". But these checks don't apply to tenancies in Northern Ireland.

Some landlords may be reluctant to rent a property out to European tenants after Brexit because they are worried about the tenant getting help to pay rent if they stop working. However, European people who were already resident in the UK when Brexit happens can continue to apply for benefits.

You may have good business reasons for making changes to your landlord business after Brexit. However, you must be very careful to make sure that you don't accidentally end up discriminating against people from European countries. Discriminating against someone because of their nationality is unlawful, whether it is intentional or not.