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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Complaining about NIHE repairs

You can complain if the Housing Executive refuses to carry out repairs which it is responsible for or if you are unhappy with the standard of work carried out. 

Making a complaint

If you are having problems getting repairs carried out try to sort it out quickly by contacting the district office dealing with your problem. You can telephone or write to your district office. The staff will try to settle the complaint qiuickly.

If you are still unhappy you can use the formal complaints procedure. You need to go through both stages of this formal procedure before you can make a complaint to the Ombudsman.  

Withholding rent until work is carried out

Don't withhold your rent while you wait for the Housing Executive to do repairs. You could be evicted for not paying your rent.

If you are considering carrying out the work yourself you should use the Housing Executive's self help scheme. You can only use this scheme for certain types of repairs.