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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Complaints procedure

Every housing association has a different complaints procedure. Your housing association's complaints procedure should be in your tenant's handbook.

You can make a formal complaint against your housing association if you are unhappy with

  • a decision the housing association has made about your case
  • the quality of service provided by the housing association
  • the length of time the housing association is taking to do something for you
  • how the housing association has behaved towards you

There are other special procedures for

Making a complaint

You may be able to sort out your problems informally by writing to your housing officer or local manager.  If this doesn’t sort out the problem you can make a formal complaint.

Making a formal complaint

Each housing association will have its own complaints procedure.  Ask for a copy of this.  Most housing associations will have a 2 stage complaints process.

Your first complaint letter should explain

  • why you are complaining
  • how the housing association has failed you and
  • what you think should be done to resolve the situation.

Try to be as detailed as possible, but make sure that everything you put in the letter is relevant.  It can help to have a friend read over the letter before you send it.

Your housing association’s complaints procedure should explain how it will deal with your complaint.  If you’re not happy with the response you get you may be able to make a further complaint to someone more senior at the housing association. If there is no second stage to the complaints process you can complain to the Ombudsman or even apply for a Judicial Review.  You should speak to someone at Housing Rights before starting the next stage of your complaint.  An adviser might be able to help you with the complaint and sort out the problem.

Speak to an adviser before you make a decision about taking your complaint further. An advice agency might be able to help you sort out your problem.