When everyone has a home

Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Financial and community help to deal with coronavirus

You may be entitled to help if you are struggling as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Financial help

You can apply for a grant if you, or anyone in your household, has been infected by coronavirus or has been told to self-isolate. The grant can only be paid if your household income each year is £20,405 or less.

The best way to apply is onlineYou can also apply by calling 0800 587 2750


Apply for benefits if your income has been affected because you can’t work, or your hours have reduced, as a result of the coronavirus crisis.  Contact Make the Call if you aren’t sure how to apply for benefits or which ones to apply for.

Update your claim if you are already claiming benefits but your circumstances have changed.


Your local foodbank may be able to help if you are in a really bad situation. Contact FareShare or the Trussell Trust to find a local foodbank.  You should also check with local churches or charity groups to see if any local services have been set up to help people in the community.


You may be able to get a grant from government if you, or someone in your household is infected with coronavirus or self-isolating. Apply at this link.

You can get a grant the first time you apply for Universal Credit in Northern Ireland. It is called a Universal Credit Contingency Fund Payment. Apply at this link. 

Check the Turn2Us grant search to see if there are any other grants that you can apply for. People who work, or who have worked, in certain sectors may be eligible for grants. 

Advice on coping with the current crisis

The internet and social media is full of rumours and bad advice. You should only trust advice on the virus, vaccines and on how to stay safe from the Public Health Agency or the NHS

The Consumer Council NI has useful information on how the virus has affected consumer rights.

This is a stressful time for all of us. Mind has helpful advice on protecting your mental health and wellbeing during this crisis.