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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Debt letters

Use these letter templates to negotiate with a lender, landlord or other creditor about debt problems

Letter requesting reduction in rent

If you're having problems affording your rent, you can ask your landlord for a reduction.  The landlord doesn't have to agree to this request but may do so temporarily while you apply for housing benefit or a Discretionary Housing Payment.  Use this letter to ask your landlord to consider reducing your rent. 

Writing to your mortgage or secured loan holder

You should speak to one of our specialist advisers if you've fallen behind on your mortgage or secured loan.  Our advisers might ask you to get certain information from your lender so that they can fully understand your situation.  You can use this letter to request this information.  

Writing to other creditors

You should prioritise your mortgage, rent, secured loan and rates payments if you're in debt.  These payments are your priority because you could lose your home if you stop paying any of these debts.  You may be able to negotiate payment plans for the other debts that you owe once you've properly organised your finances.  You can use this letter to request certain information about any non-priority debts you have.  This could include credit cards, unsecured loans, store cards or utility bills.   

Emergency debt letter

When you speak to a company about money that you owe it's important to take notes so that you fully understand what was agreed during the meeting or phone call.  Sometimes a company may be able to set up a temporary arrangement for your repayments while you get help managing your debts.  Use this letter to write to the company confirming any temporary arrangements that had been agreed to.