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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Work out how much you earn

Use the income sheet to work out your household's regular income. Use either weekly or monthly figures, and stick to them throughout. If you need help converting the amount into weekly or monthly figures, you can use our converter tool.

Type the figures into the table and the totals will appear when you click on the CALCULATE button. To clear the form click on the RESET FORM button.

Alternatively you can download this form as a PDF.

  You Your Partner
Wages / Salary
Child Benefit
Jobseeker's Allowance / Income Support
Working Tax Credit
Child Tax Credit
Incapacity Benefit
Attendance Allowance
Housing Benefit
Statutory Sick Pay
Sick Pay from Work
Retirement Pensions
Pension Credit
Occupational Pensions
Disability Living Allowance
Family / Lodger's Contributions
Any Other Income or Benefits