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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Failed one or more homelessness tests

The Housing Executive doesn’t have to find you housing if you don’t pass all 4 homeless tests.  It may be worthwhile having the Housing Executive’s decision reviewed.  Otherwise, you’ll have to look at other housing options.

Challenging the Housing Executive’s decision

You can ask the Housing Executive to review its decision if it decides you have failed one of the 4 homeless tests.

The Housing Executive will write to tell you if you failed the test.  This letter should explain which test you failed and the reasons that you failed.  The letter should explain that you have a legal right to request the review and tell you when you have to do this by.  Speak to Housing Rights if you want to ask for a review.  Our advisers may be able to help you with this process.

Help from social services

Dealing with homelessness is usually the Housing Executive’s job. If the Housing Executive won’t help, you might get help from social services if you

  • are under 18
  • have a dependent child
  • have a physical or mental illness or disability
  • are an older person.

The law doesn’t say how social services has to help you.  It will depend on your personal circumstances.

Your housing options

If you don't pass all the 4 tests the Housing Executive isn't responsible for helping you.  You'll need to look at the other housing options available in Northern Ireland.