When everyone has a home

Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Getting care at home

You may be able to get some help carrying out basic chores in your home if you’re elderly or vulnerable.  This help is provided through Social Services so you’ll need to speak to your doctor or social worker before you can get help.

The type of care you can get could be

  • special equipment to help you manage, such as a bath lift or a raised chair
  • visits from a home help who will do basic chores like shopping or cleaning
  • help with your personal care needs like washing and dressing
  • meals on wheels
  • access to a social club or day care centre
  • respite care so you can have a break from your permanent carer.

Paying for your care

Social Services will look at your income to figure out if you have to pay for some of the care you receive.  They should take your financial circumstances into account when deciding how much you should pay. You can ask for your charges to be reviewed if you think they are unreasonable.

Contact Age NI to find out more about paying for care and community care options.