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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Getting an offer when your points are low

You'll probably wait a long time for an offer if your points are low. 

Offers from Housing Associations

All registered housing associations in Northern Ireland use the same accommodation waiting list as the Housing Executive.  Some housing associations provide housing for specific groups of people, such as older people or young families so you may not fit the profile. Have a look around your areas of choice to see if there are any housing associations providing accommodation or building new accommodation.

Some housing associations provide details of immediate vacancies on their websites. You can contact the association if you are interested in this property, but the association still has to follow the selection scheme rules when deciding if it can offer you this tenancy. 

You can get a list of housing assocations on the NIFHA website. 

Your place on the waiting list

People often want to know what number they are on the waiting list but the list doesn’t really work like that.  The waiting lists changes every day as new people are added and other people are taken off it.  If you want to find out how likely it is that you will get an offer soon, you can phone the Housing Executive or a housing association that offers properties in your area of choice and ask how many points people currently need for the type of accommodation you require.