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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Harassment by tenants

When people think about harassment in the private rented sector, it’s generally a case of a landlord harassing a tenant. It is just as possible that a tenant or former tenant harasses a landlord.

Dealing with threats or intimidation

An argument or disagreement between a tenant and landlord is not a form of harassment, but if the actions or language used by either party becoming threatening you should take action.

Write to your tenant if you are worried by their action towards you, giving the tenant an opportunity to explain the situation.  It may be a simple misunderstanding or a case of tempers running high.  If a pattern of aggressive, threatening behaviour develops or you have a genuine fear for your safety or the safety of others, you should report the matter to the police.

If an attack is motivated by your race, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation it is a hate crime.  The Police Service of Northern Ireland has a dedicated hate crime team which can investigate.