When everyone has a home

Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Coronavirus advice if you are homeless


Contact the Housing Executive urgently on 03448 920 908 if you are homeless or if you are being told that you must leave your home.

Contacting NIHE

Contact NIHE on 03448 920 908 if you are homeless or about to become homeless.

NIHE has a legal responsibility to provide you with temporary housing if you have nowhere to live and you appear to have “priority need”. You have priority need if you are pregnant, have dependent children, have a serious illness or disability or you are vulnerable and would struggle to cope with homelessness because of this vulnerability.

Can you safely stay where you are?

Although your current housing situation may be far from ideal, you may be better of staying put until this crisis has eased. The Housing Executive is working on an emergency basis now and has limited options for temporary housing.

If you are at risk of violence, injury or serious illness if you stay at your current address, call NIHE on 03448 920 908.

Asked to leave your home?

As yet, the government in Northern Ireland hasn’t made changes to laws on eviction. However, if you are a tenant, your landlord must get a court order to evict you. It is illegal for the landlord to force you out of your home without first going to court, and many courts are now only dealing with the most urgent matters.

Get advice urgently if your landlord has said you must leave your home.

Emergency accommodation

NIHE must provide you with temporary housing if

  • you have passed all four homelessness tests and have full duty applicant status or
  • you are homeless or have been asked to leave your home and are vulnerable.

However, NIHE is under incredible pressure at the moment to find temporary housing that is suitable for use during this pandemic. You may need to accept something that is far from ideal, but it must be safe for you and your household to occupy.

Who can help me find temporary housing?

If you don’t have anywhere to stay and NIHE have said they don’t have to help you, get advice.

Contact Extern if you need emergency housing and haven’t been able to get help from NIHE. Extern may be able to find you somewhere to stay.

Call the Simon Community on 0800 171 2222 to see if they have any emergency housing available.

Lockdown and isolation

Make sure you check the Public Health Agency website for up to date information and advice on the virus and what to do if you think you may have it.

The country is now in lockdown. It is essential that you stay at your accommodation if you have this. Read the government’s advice to find out under what circumstances you can leave your home.

Read the advice on how to self-isolate. Remember to stay at least 2 metres (3 steps) away from other people and to wash your hands thoroughly and regularly. 

Self-isolating while homeless

The Housing Executive says that it is trying to find a way to ensure that people who are homeless are able to self-isolate.

Call the Housing Executive urgently on 03448 920 908 if you are

  • sleeping rough, or living in a hostel or staying with friends or family and
  • you are showing symptoms of coronavirus or have been living with someone who is showing symptoms and
  • you don’t have anywhere suitable to self-isolate.