When everyone has a home

Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Passing or failing the test

If you pass this test the Housing Executive will have to check that you are also homeless, in priority need and that you’re not intentionally homeless. You might be entitled to temporary accommodation while this is happening.

If you pass all 4 homeless tests you’ll be a Full Duty Applicant and the Housing Executive will have to make 3 reasonable offers of housing to you.

Failing the test

If you fail the test the Housing Executive won’t have any responsibility to house you. You will have to move out of your temporary accommodation that the Housing Executive arranged if you fail the test.  You can challenge the Housing Executive’s decision that you didn’t pass.  You may be able to continue living in the temporary accommodation while you are challenging the decision.

If you fail this test but passed priority need the Housing Executive may give you temporary accommodation for a while until you can find somewhere else to live. Your best option may be finding a home that you can rent privately. 

If you’re not eligible for help under the homelessness laws you may not be able to apply for housing using the selection scheme either. Speak to Housing Rights [1]if you’re not sure about your housing options.