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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Domestic abuse

Your home should be a safe space. You can get help if someone you live with is making you feel unsafe. 

Getting help with domestic abuse in Northern Ireland

Making your abuser leave your home

A solicitor can help you get a court order that stops your abuser from acting in certain ways. The order can also make them stay away from a property. Find a solicitor using the Law Society directory. 

You don't have to be the main tenant or homeowner to apply for this kind of court order. A court order can exclude your abuser from your home even if they are the legal owner or tenant. 

Call the police if you have a court order and your abuser has broken this. 

Leaving your home

Refuge has information on how you can plan to leave your abuser.

Call the Housing Executive on 03448 920 908 if you've left in an emergency and have nowhere to stay. 

Call the police if you're worried about your safety. 

Finding a new home

Ask the Housing Executive for help if you don't feel safe at home. 

The Housing Executive should find you temporary housing while they look at how they can help you. 

Get advice if you are worried about talking to the Housing Executive.  Contact