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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Eligibility test and antisocial behaviour

The eligibility test has two parts. It looks at 

You might not get help with housing if you have a history of "unacceptable behaviour".  

Unacceptable behaviour for homelessness test

Unacceptable behaviour means criminal or nuisance behaviour that would upset your neighbours. It is the kind of behaviour that could lead to you being evicted if you were already a tenant.  

This includes behaviour carried out by 

  • you at a former address 
  • you in temporary housing 
  • any other person who is going to be living with you 
  • visitors to your home.  

The Housing Executive usually looks at behaviour over the last 2 years.  

Failing the test due to past behaviour

The Housing Executive will send you a letter if they decide that you have failed the test. This letter should explain why they've come to this decision.  

You can ask the Housing Executive to look at this decision again. This is called a review.  

Temporary housing if you fail the test

You may get a letter asking you to move out of any temporary housing that the Housing Executive arranged if you fail the test.  

You can ask to stay on in the temporary housing when you ask for a review. The Housing Executive does not have to agree to this, but it may allow you to stay.  

Reviewing a decision

During the review, you can explain how your behaviour has changed. This can include 

  • getting treatment or counselling to deal with trauma 
  • being diagnosed or treated for a specific illness 
  • having a disability that may mean you act in a certain way 
  • life or relationship issues that affected you at the time 
  • support services that now help you to manage better.  

Housing Rights advisers might be able to help you with the review.   

Get advice if you fail one of the homelessness tests