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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Failed one or more homelessness tests

The Housing Executive doesn’t have to find you housing if you don’t pass all 4 homelessness tests

You can challenge a decision that you've failed a test.

You'll need to look at other housing options if you can't pass all 4 homelessness tests.

Finding out you've failed a test

The Housing Executive will write to tell you if you've passed the tests or not. 

If you fail a test, the letter will

  • tell you which test you failed
  • tell you why you failed the test
  • tell you about your legal right to review the decision

Reviewing a homelessness decision

You can challenge a decision that you've failed a test. This is called a homelessness review. 

You have to ask for your review within 40 days of the date on your decision letter. 

It's best to get help to do a review. Contact our helpline if you'd like our help. 

Other housing options

You can go on the waiting list for housing as long as your immigration status allows you to do this. 

You can apply for private rented housing. 

Contact our helpline if you need help finding a home.