When everyone has a home

Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Help in an emergency

Contact the Housing Executive on 03448 920 908 if you are homeless and have nowhere to stay

Emergency accommodation

The Housing Executive can find you emergency housing if

  • you seem to be homeless, and
  • you seem to be vulnerable.

Help if you can't get housing due to your immigration status

The Housing Executive may be able to find you emergency housing if

  • you are not entitled to help because of your immigration status, and
  • you are sleeping rough.

Emergency housing if the Housing Executive can't help

You may be able to get a bed in an emergency shelter. You can

Nightshelters in Northern Ireland

These emergency nightshelters may have a bed for the night

You have to queue up for these beds. You can't usually reserve a bed. 

Helping someone who is homeless

If you see someone who is homeless and you want to help, you can

  • talk to them to see if they need anything
  • contact an outreach service and ask them to check up on the person.

Outreach services

In Belfast, you can contact

In Derry/Londonderry you can contact

Contact the Housing Executive on 03448 920 908 if the person is in another area.