When everyone has a home

Housing advice for Northern Ireland

After the homelessness tests

The Housing Executive takes around 5 weeks to make a decision on your case. You might have a right to temporary housing during that time if you have nowhere to stay.

Your housing officer will send you a letter to let you know their decision. 

Passing the homelessness tests

You are a "full duty applicant" if you pass all 4 tests for homelessness. This means that:

Extra help if you pass all 4 homelessness tests 

The Housing Executive might have to:

  • store your belongings while you wait for a home of your own
  • pay for your travel costs to your temporary housing.

Contact our helpline to find out more about your rights if you've passed all 4 tests for homelessness. 

Failing the tests for homelessness

The Housing Executive might decide you failed one or more tests. It will send you a letter explaining:

  • which test you failed, and
  • why you failed this test

You can ask for a review of this decision. During the review, a more senior person at the Housing Executive will look at your case again. They will check to see if the decision was correct. 

You have to ask for the review within 40 days of the date on your decision letter. You can send in more information to support your review.

Contact our helpline to find out more about your review. Our advisers may be able to help you with this process.