When everyone has a home

Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Reasons for homelessness, the law and where you can get help

Homelessness doesn't just mean sleeping on the streets. You can be homeless if 

  • you live in unsafe housing
  • your home is damaging your health
  • you have to leave your home within 28 days
  • you don't have a place of your home and are staying with friends or family.

Reasons for homelessness

Anyone can end up homeless. 

The main reasons for people ending up homeless in Northern Ireland are

  • their home isn't suitable for them
  • the people they were living with told them to move out
  • their landlord has ended their tenancy
  • their relationship has ended
  • they've been harassed or abused by neighbours.

Getting help if you're facing homelessness

The Housing Executive deals with homelessness in Northern Ireland. They can

  • give you advice about your rights and options
  • see if there is a way to stay in your current home
  • find you a temporary home if you're entitled to this
  • put you on the waiting list for a home of your own.

Housing Rights can explain your rights if you're homeless or facing homelessness.

Law on homelessness in Northern Ireland

The Housing Order (Northern Ireland) 1988 explains how the Housing Executive should help people who are homeless. 

Other laws also deal with housing, but this is the most important one for homelessness.