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Homeowner flood grant

You may be eligible for a grant if you own a property that has been flooded or is in a known flood risk area.  The council may also be able to give you some emergency financial help towards the cost of cleaning up after a flood.

Emergency council help with cleaning up after a flood

Contact your local council to ask about their emergency financial assistance scheme if your home has been flooded as a result of bad weather. They may be able to make an emergency payment to help you with the clean-up costs.

Homeowner Flood Protection Grant for reducing the risk of flooding

This grant will allow homeowners to install physical barriers and equipment to help reduce the impact of flooding on their homes.   The grant is called the Homeowner Flood Protection Grant Scheme and is managed by the Rivers Agency.

Who can apply?

You can apply for this grant if you own a residential property that has been flooded or is located in a known flood risk area.  The grant will help you to carry out certain work to your home which will reduce the risk of it flooding.  The grant will cover 90% of the cost of certain work, up to a maximum of £10,000.  Homeowners will have to cover the remaining 10% of the cost and any costs above £10,000 themselves. 

The type of work that can be carried out using the grant includes adding door barriers, waterproofing walls, installing airbrick covers and non return drainage outlets. 

What properties are exempt?

Not all properties are eligible for the grant.  The grant won't be paid in respect of

  • new homes which were granted planning approval after 1 January 2009
  • properties owned by the Housing Executive, a registered housing association or any other third party
  • properties which are likely to benefit from a government backed flood alleviation solution in the next five years

Properties bought under Co-Ownership are eligible for the grant.  The grant is targeted at resident homeowners and tenants cannot apply.  Smaller landlords may be eligible for the grant, but the Rivers Agency will deal with applications from landlords on a case by case basis. 

Applying for the Homeowner Flood Protection Grant Scheme

You should contact the Rivers Agency to apply for the grant. The Rivers Agency will appoint a building surveyer who will carry out a water entry survey for your property.  The surveyor will then recommend certain protection measures which will help to protect your home.  

Application fee

You'll have to pay the Rivers Agency £50 before a surveyor will be appointed.  This fee will be refunded if the surveyor isn't able to recommend protection measures for your home because of its design or location.  If the surveyor presents recommendations the £50 will be deducted from your 10% share of the costs.  The fee will most likely not be refunded if you simply decide not to proceed with the work, unless you can show good cause for your change of mind. 

The grant is not means tested and all successful applicants will have to contribute 10% of the cost of the works.

Getting the work carried out

The Rivers Agency will appoint a suitably qualified contractor to carry out the work and the grant payments will be made to this contractor.  The work won't start until you've paid your 10% share to the contractor. After the work has been completed the property will be tested to make sure the property is now resistant to flood water. 

You can't remove any of the items installed under the grant if you decide to sell your property. 

Finding out more about the flood grant

You can get more information about this grant from the River's Agency pages on the Department for Agriculture and Rural Development's website.  You can also find the application pack and a guide for applicants on the DARD site.