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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Housing benefit for Housing Executive and housing association tenants

You will only be able to make a new claim for Housing Benefit if you are over pension age. Other people can get help to pay rent from Universal Credit. 

What happens if you move house?

You can transfer your housing benefit claim to a new address. Ask the Housing Executive for a change of address form. 

You do not have to claim Universal Credit if the only thing that is changing is your address. 

How much housing benefit will you get?

The amount of housing benefit you will get depends on

  • your age,
  • the size of your home, and
  • your rent, and
  • your income.

Get advice if you think your housing benefit payment is wrong. An adviser can also help you work out how much benefit you will get if you want to move. 

Will your housing benefit be reduced by the bedroom tax?

The bedroom tax is a policy that cuts the amount of housing benefit people receive if their home is too large. 

The amount of housing benefit you get can be reduced if

  • you are not of pension age, and
  • you rent from the Housing Executive or a housing association, and
  • you have more bedrooms than you need.

You should get a top-up payment if your housing benefit is reduced by the bedroom tax. 

Problems with housing benefit

Certain circumstances will change how much housing benefit you get. These include

  • an adult, who is not your partner, lives with you
  • someone moves in or moves out of your home
  • you receive a lump-sum payment
  • you start or stop working
  • your income changes.

It is very important to tell the Housing Executive about any changes to your household or income. If you forget to tell them, you may have to pay back some of the benefits you received. This is called an overpayment of benefit. 

Get advice if you have problems with your housing benefit.