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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Help to pay the bedroom tax

The bedroom tax is a policy that cuts the amount of help you get to pay rent if you have too many bedrooms.  It only applies if you rent your home from

  • the Housing Executive, or
  • a housing association.

You should get an extra payment if you're affected by the bedroom tax in Northern Ireland. This is called a welfare supplementary payment. 

Changes to supplementary payments

Before February 2022 your supplementary payment could stop if you moved home.  Changes to the law mean this won't happen anymore. 

You should start to get the extra help again if 

  • your supplementary payment stopped because you moved home, and
  • you are still getting less help with rent because of the bedroom tax

The extra payment should start again by the middle of March 2022.

The payment will not be backdated. You won't get any help to cover the time when you weren't getting a supplementary payment.

Getting a supplementary payment

You don’t have to apply for this extra payment. The payments are automatic for everyone affected by the bedroom tax.  The amount you get should be the same as the amount you lost because of the bedroom tax. 

Sometimes, things go wrong and the payment is not set up properly.  Get advice if you haven't got your extra payment yet. 

Paying the extra money

The extra money is paid to the same person your other rent benefits are paid to. 

This could be you or your landlord.