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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

How many bedrooms are you allowed if you get Housing Benefit?

The rules for Housing Benefit say that the amount of benefit you get is based on how many rooms your household needs.

If you are a private tenant, your Housing Benefit is already based on how many rooms you need and on where your home is located. Private tenants don't have to worry about the bedroom tax. When you rent your home from the Housing Executive or from a housing association, you could be affected by the bedroom tax if your home is too large.

How many rooms do you need?

One bedroom is allowed for

  • a couple;
  • a person aged 16 and over;
  • two children of the same sex;
  • two children under 10;
  • any other child;
  • a carer, who has a home elsewhere and who provides regular overnight care to someone in the household.

Sometimes parents will share care of a child. However, under Housing Benefit rules, this child can only belong to one household and only the parent who gets Child Benefit will be entitled to a room for this child.

Are you allowed any extra rooms?

You might be entitled to an extra bedroom if

  • you have fostered a child, or have been approved as a foster carer, in the last 12 months
  • two people in your home, who would otherwise be required to share a bedroom, cannot share because of a disability
  • someone in your household is currently serving as a member of the armed forces, but would otherwise be living in your home

Help for people with disabilities

You may be allowed an extra bedroom if a person in your household is disabled. You should get an extra room if

  • two people cannot share because of a disability or
  • someone who normally lives elsewhere, regularly stays overnight in your home to provide care to a person who has a disability.

The disabled person in your home must be getting certain benefits in order to get this extra bedroom. 

What rooms are counted?

The Housing Executive or housing association that you rent from is responsible for saying how many bedrooms are in your home.  If you have two living rooms, one of these rooms will probably be counted as a bedroom.

There have been some cases in England where people have successfully challenged a decision that they have too many bedrooms if, for example, a room cannot be used as a bedroom.  If you believe that some of the rooms in your home should not be counted as bedrooms, please call us for advice.

What happens if your home is too large?

Your Housing Benefit will be reduced if you have too many bedrooms.  However, for the next few years, the money that you lose will be replaced from a separate fund. 

Politicians at the Assembly have set up a fund to offset these cuts to Housing Benefit, meaning that most people in Northern Ireland will not actually lose out financially because of the changes.  You don’t have to apply for this extra payment.  It will happen automatically. 

There are some cases where people will not be able to get this extra money