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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Housing Support

Tenancy and floating support services can help you manage in your home.  Most of these services are funded through the Housing Executive’s Supporting People programme.

Supporting people

Supporting People funding is used to pay for services to make it easier for people to manage in their homes. It can pay for

  • a warden or scheme manager in a residential block
  • a money advice worker who can help tenants manage their finances
  • floating support services that provide assistance to people who have certain difficulties.

Often, the projects work with specific groups of people; such as young people, older people, people with disabilities, young parents etc.
If you find it difficult to deal with things like budgeting and problem solving Supporting People might be able to help.  Contact Housing Rights, the Housing Executive or a local advice agency to find out what help you can get from this programme.

Floating support

Floating support just means that the support is given to you and not to the place that you live.  This means that if you lose your tenancy or have to leave your home, your Support Worker will still be able to assist you in your new or temporary home.

Floating support aims to help you stay in your home and your support worker can help you

  • understand your housing rights and responsibilities
  • deal with any benefits problems you might have
  • help you register with doctors, dentists and other local facilities
  • manage your household budget and sort out your bills and expenses.

Your support worker can also be a great emotional support, especially if you’re having problems coping at the moment.
Contact the Housing Executive to find out more about the support available in your local area, or search the Supporting People directory to find a suitable service. 

Paying for supporting people services

If you're getting any housing benefit this will cover the full cost of your housing support services will be covered. If you need support, but you're not currently getting housing benefit, you should check if you're entitled to any housing benefit. Even if you only get a couple of pounds towards your rent, housing benefit will cover the full costs of your support.  Talk to your floating support worker who can help you apply for housing benefit. 

Support services are provided free for people who live in homeless hostels or foyers for young people.