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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

How can debt advice help?

Debt advice can improve your health and wellbeing as well as your finances. 

You can get free debt advice from lots of charities in Northern Ireland. Every year, these charities help thousands of people take back control of their money. 

Don't pay for debt advice. You should only pay if you are setting up a formal arrangement like an IVA or a debt relief order. Check with a free charity advice agency before you pay any fees for debt help. 

Where can I get debt advice in Northern Ireland?

You can get free help to deal with your debts from

Housing Rights can help if you are behind on your rent, rates or mortgage. 

How will a debt adviser help?

Your debt adviser will help you to 

  • organise your debts
  • work out which debts are most important
  • set up a household budget
  • decide how much to offer towards each debt
  • make offers and negotiate with the companies you owe.

Getting debt advice has other benefits. Dealing with your debt problems can be scary, but once you get advice, you'll probably feel much better.