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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Intimidated from your home

Get help if you've been threatened or attacked in your home. 

Intimidation points for housing

You can get 200 points if you've been intimidated from your home for certain reasons. 

You only get these points if you meet certain conditions. You may get them if

  • your home was destroyed or seriously damaged in an attack, or
  • there is a risk that you could be killed or seriously injured in an attack, or
  • there is a risk that someone you live with could be killed or seriously injured in an attack.

You'll only get the points if the police confirm that the attack, or threat of attack 

  • was a terrorist incident
  • was because of your religion
  • was because of your race
  • was because you have a disability
  • was because of your sexual orientation
  • was caused by a Housing Executive tenant or someone living in a Housing Executive neighbourhood.

Contact our helpline for advice on housing points.

Intimidation grant

You will get an intimidation grant of £754 if

  • you lost a tenancy or had to move out of a home you owned because you were intimidated, and
  • you had intimidation points.

The grant is to help you set up your new home. You will get it when you move into a new permanent home. You should get it automatically. 

You won't get this grant if you were intimidated out of temporary housing. 

The Housing Executive can keep some of your grant if you owe them money for rent or other charges. 

Help selling your home if you've been intimidated

The Housing Executive might buy your home from you if you've been intimidated.

Apply to the Scheme for the Purchase of Evacuated Dwellings or SPED. You may be able to use this scheme if

  • you have intimidation points
  • the property you left was your only or main home
  • the PSNI confirms that it's not safe to stay at the property because you or someone you live with could be killed or could die in an attack.

You need a special certificate from the Chief Constable to apply for the scheme. 

Contact our helpline to find out more.

Contact the Housing Executive to apply for SPED.

Antisocial behaviour and harassment

The Housing Executive only classes certain behaviour and attacks as intimidation. 

You may not get intimidation points if

  • you are having problems with a neighbour
  • there is a lot of antisocial behaviour in the area but it's not targeted just at you
  • you've been threatened but the police say that it is a community threat, rather than a paramilitary one.

You can get help to deal with this sort of antisocial behaviour from

  • the police,
  • your landlord if you are a Housing Executive or housing association tenant,
  • your local council.

You can apply for a transfer if you don't want to stay in your home. 

Contact our helpline for advice on your housing options.