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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Keeping your home while on remand

If you are on remand awaiting trial, it is usually best that you try holding onto your home. The court may decide to release you or you may serve only a short sentence, so having a home to get back to is very important.

You can spend a significant amount of time in remand custody before your trial. If you were renting or paying a mortgage before you went to prison, you will need to find ways to continue paying for these costs. If you don’t let your landlord or your lender know what’s going on and you fail to pay the rent or your mortgage, you may eventually lose your home. This may happen even if you are only in prison for a short time.

While on remand, you may be eligible for some help with your housing costs.

You may not want to inform your landlord or mortgage lender that you're in prison, but you have to keep them informed.

If you are remanded in custody and you were renting your home before you went to prison, you may be able to still get help to pay rent. This depends on how long you will be in custody.

If you are paying off a mortgage and you are on remand, you may be able to get help with your repayments. You'll only get help towards the interest on your mortgage and you'll only get help for a certain amount of time.