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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Leaving accommodation

Your housing options in Northern Ireland are largely the same, no matter what type of housing you are leaving. However, you might have additional rights to support if you are leaving specific types of accommodation. 

Young people, and especially young people leaving care, can be at an increased risk of homelessness and of being exploited because they are homeless. Social Services and the Housing Executive share responsibility for looking after young people who are homeless. There are different responsibilities, depending on your age and how long you've been in care, but these organisations should work together to find you somewhere to live.

Your landlord must follow the correct legal process in order to evict you. If you have a fixed term agreement, your landlord will have to have a reason to evict you. However, if you're a periodic tenant your landlord simply has to follow the correct legal process.

Many service personnel have accommodation provided by the Ministry of Defence. When you are scheduled to leave the service, you should receive plenty of advance notice, which will give you time to find somewhere to live on your discharge.


Some people have their accommodation provided as part of their employment. This is known as "tied accommodation". If you are living in "tied accommodation", you will not normally be a tenant. This means you won't have the same rights as a private tenant. It also usually means that you'll have to leave your property pretty quickly if you lose your job. 

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