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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Dealing with debts

This page only contains basic information and is the English version of our translated content.  For more detailed advice and information on housing in Northern Ireland in the English language, use the menu options on the homepage. 

It can often be difficult dealing with a debt problem, but most debts can usually be sorted out with planning and creating a step-by-step approach to managing your finances.

Write to your creditors to let them know that you are dealing with your debt problems and make a copy of your creditors' replies. Creditors prefer to deal with people who are making an effort.

Divide your debts into 'priority' or 'emergency debts' and non-priority debts. Your priority debts may include a mortgage, a secured loan, unpaid rent, heating, electricity, rates, child support or maintenance and/or TV licence.

Make repayment offers to your creditors based on how much money you have available after your essential spending. Pay your priority debts first, then your non-priority debts.

Contact Housing Rights or an advice agency for more information on repayment strategies.