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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Homelessness advice for foreign nationals

This page only contains basic information and is the English version of our translated content.  For more detailed advice and information on housing in Northern Ireland in the English language, use the menu options on the homepage. 

The Housing Executive has a duty to provide advice on homelessness and its prevention to anyone in Northern Ireland who asks for it. The Housing Executive must help you if it thinks you are homeless, or about to become homeless in the next 28 days.

It will assess your circumstances using legal tests. You may be able to get temporary accommodation while your homeless application is examined. You can ask for a review if the Housing Executive decides that you are not homeless.  Contact the Housing Executive by calling 03448 920 900 or accessing their Out of Hours service

If the Housing Executive thinks you are homeless, you may be entitled to temporary accommodation until the investigation is complete. If the Housing Executive decides you meet Full Duty Applicant (FDA) status it will provide you with temporary accommodation until permanent accommodation is available.

If you are homeless or about to become homeless you should apply to the Housing Executive for help. The Housing Executive has a duty to provide advice on homelessness and its prevention to anyone in Northern Ireland who asks for it. The Housing Executive must investigate your personal circumstances if you state that you are homeless on the Housing/Transfer Application Form or if you tell a member of staff that you are homeless.

The amount of help that the Housing Executive must give you depends on your personal circumstances. The Housing Executive will apply 4 tests to your housing circumstances. If you pass all of these tests you will become a Full Duty Applicant (FDA) and the Housing Executive will accept that it has a responsibility to find you permanent accommodation.

If you are unhappy with the Housing Executive's decision, you have a statutory right to have this decision reviewed. If the Housing Executive doesn't change the decision, you may also have a right to have your case heard in the County Court if you can show that the Housing Executive has made an error in law. Temporary accommodation may be available while you are waiting for the outcome of the review or appeal.

If you are homeless and have nowhere to stay tonight, you should seek help immediately. There are a number of organisations that may be able to help you.