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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Help for intimidated people

If the Housing Executive accepts that you've been intimidated and believe you're at risk of death or serious injury if you continue living in your home you might be entitled to financial help as well as help finding a new home. 


The Housing Executive doesn't treat every attack on a person or a property as intimidation. You will only get these points if your home has been destroyed or seriously damaged in an attack or if there is a real and serious risk that someone in your household will be killed or seriously injured if you continue living there and either of the following two situations apply: 

  1. The Housing Executive may accept you were intimidated if the attack on your home or risk to your life is motivated by your race, religion, sexuality or the fact that you have a disability.
  2. The Housing Executive has legal powers to deal with anti-social behaviour and nuisance caused by its tenants and people living close to its tenants. If the attack is by or threat is from one of these people,the Housing Executive may accept that you were intimidated. 

The Housing Executive will usually only accept that you have been intimidated if the threat or attack is confirmed by

If the Housing Executive accepts that you have been intimidated you will be given 200 points. If you've told the Housing Executive that you've been intimidated the Housing Executive should also check if you've passed the 4 tests for homelessness

Speak to one of the advisers at Housing Rights if the Housing Executive has said you're not entitled to intimidation points and you think this decision was wrong. 

Financial help

You can apply for an emergency grant of £754 if you have been intimidated from your home. This grant is only payable to people who were Housing Executive, housing association or private tenants at the time of the intimidation attack and who have been granted intimidation points under the Common Selection Scheme

To qualify for the grant you must also have

    • been permanently re-housed as a tenant of the Housing Executive or registered housing association in Northern Ireland; or
    • been taken off the waiting list because you have found other accommodation which the Housing Executive is satisfied is likely to remain available to you for a period of at least six months; or
    • bought your own home in Northern Ireland.

    Other financial help

    You may be able to get help from the Discretionary Finance Support Fund if you've been intimidated from your home.  Homeowners who have been intimidated may be able to sell their home to the Housing Executive using the Special Purchase of Evacuated Dwellings scheme


    You may be entitled to compensation if you have suffered:

    • damage to your property
    • personal injury
    • financial loss

    You can get further information on claiming compensation from a solicitor, the police or the Compensation Services section of the Department of Justice.