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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Passed all homelessness tests

The Housing Executive will try to make a decision on whether or not it is responsible for rehousing you because you are homeless within 33 days of receiving all the necessary information from you.  It will look at your circumstances to see if you pass all 4 tests for homelessness.  You need to make sure you give the Housing Executive all the information it needs in order for it to make the right decision. 

Passed all 4 tests

The Housing Executive will write to you once it's made a decision on your homelessness application.  If you passed all 4 tests, you'll get a letter saying that you are now a Full Duty Applicant and that you've been given 70 homeless points. 

A Full Duty Applicant is a housing applicant that the Housing Executive has a legal responsibility towards.  The responsibilities the Housing Executive has are

  • to provide you with temporary accommodation that is suitable, if you need this
  • to provide you with 3 reasonable offers of permanent accommodation
  • to store your belongings, if you need this, you are in financial hardship and you've been turned down for discretionary financial support
  • to provide you with taxi vouchers to cover travel to your temporary accommodation or other necessary appointments, if this is seen to be necessary and you're in financial hardship
  • to provide you with advice and assistance on your housing options. 

If you pass all the tests, you'll go on the waiting list.  You'll probably be entitled to more points than the 70 you got for homelessness, so make sure you know which other points you've been given. 

Failed one or more tests

If you fail one or more of the tests, the Housing Executive should write to you, clearly showing which test you failed and why it decided that you don't meet the standard to pass the test.  Your letter should include information on your statutory right to have this decision reviewed by a more senior member of staff at the Housing Executive. 

When you get a letter saying that you've failed a test, it's a good idea to talk to an adviser at Housing Rights.  An adviser can discuss your options and let you know how you can challenge this decision if you feel it's the wrong decision.  The adviser can also discuss your other housing options if he or she feels that it's unlikely that the Housing Executive will change it's mind if you ask for a review.