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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Payment of rates

Payment of rates is an issue that can cause problems for both landlords and tenants. You need to be fully aware of who is liable for the payment of rates in any property that you let. If you own more than one rental property, it may be much simpler for you to bundle your properties into an agent account. These accounts entitle you to a discount on your annual rates bill. 

Failure to pay your rates can lead to court action, repossession and possibly bankruptcy.

Rates are a property tax. The money raised in rates helps to pay for all types of public services. Land & Property Services (LPS) is the agency responsible for collecting rates. Either the tenant or the landlord may have to pay rates in rented properties.

If you are liable for rates on your rental properties, you must ensure that payment is made promptly to LPS. Where the tenants are liable for rates, payment is there responsibility and there is no risk to you if the tenants do not pay the bills.