When everyone has a home

Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Problems on the waiting list

You'll have to renew your application every year and if you don't do this, you'll be removed from the waiting list.  It's important that you keep your details up to date.  A change in your circumstances could mean you're entitled to more points. You can also lose points if your circumstances change. 

Refusing all 3 offers

You are only entitled to 3 reasonable offers.  If you turn all 3 down you will be penalised.  The sanctions are:

  • you won’t get any further offers for 12 months
  • you’ll lose any points you had for homelessness or intimidation
  • you’ll have to move out of any temporary accommodation the Housing Executive arranged for you
  • you’ll lose your Full Duty Applicant status.

If you refuse 3 offers but your circumstances change and you are found homeless again during the 12 months that you’re under sanction you’ll be entitled to one more offer of housing.

Removed from the list

You have to renew your application every year.  You should receive a renewal letter.  If you don’t reply to this letter your name will be removed from the list.

If you move into a new home you will also lose your points, unless the Housing Executive has already decided that it has a legal responsibility to help you because you are homeless.

No offers after 6 months

Your areas of choice are automatically widened if

  • you passed the 4 homeless tests and
  • you’ve been on the waiting list for more than 6 months and haven’t received any offers.

If you're made an offer in this wider area of choice you don't have to accept it, but it will count as one of your 3 reasonable offers unless you can show the Housing Executive that it is not reasonable.