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Housing advice for Northern Ireland

Getting help with rates

You may be able to get help to pay your rates bill. 

There are 2 different benefits to help with rates:

  • housing benefit, including rate relief and
  • rates rebate.

Housing benefit to help with rates

You can only claim housing benefit to help pay your rates if you are over pension age. 

Apply for rate relief by contacting the Housing Executive

Use the same application form to apply for both housing benefit and rates relief. Rates relief can help with rates if your income is too high to get housing benefit. 

Help with rates if you receive Universal Credit

Universal Credit does not include help to pay your rates bill. Instead, you must apply for a different benefit, called Rates Rebate. 

Apply for this benefit online.

Land & Property services pay your rates rebate directly to your ratepayer account. You will not receive any money.  

Problems with rates rebate claims

We know that some people have had problems with their rates rebate claims. Problems include

  • only getting part of your rates paid, even though you are not earning any income
  • your claim being closed because your landlord did not complete their part of the process
  • landlords asking for the rate payment to be made in case instead of as a credit on the account.

Talk to Housing Rights if you have a problem with your rates rebate. 

Help with rates if you are not receiving Universal Credit

You can only apply for rates rebate if you are receiving Universal Credit. 

Get advice if you are a homeowner who is not getting Universal Credit and who needs help to pay rates.